What Is Leadership In School Essay

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Educational Topic and Background
Effective School Leaders are key to continuous school improvement. School districts are required to be fiscally responsible in decisions made to improve schools and districts. Principals are given instructional professional development in their career; however, limited resources are spent developing principals’ leadership skills as an individual. The concept of coaching for the principal is to have the guide on the side to develop leaders who are able to step back and take a bird’s eye view for their organization, focus on the greater goals so leaders can see the road ahead and not just their feet in front of them. It is crucial for school districts to develop their leaders for districts to have highly …show more content…

54). The coaching model in the executive world has various models which supports the concept of helping leaders reach their next level with improved thinking skills or clarifying purposeful action to achieve challenging goals. Coaching develops leaders or gives leaders an additional edge (Allison-Napolitano, 2013).
Research Question(s)/Hypotheses
What do principals see as effective principal attributes?
What impact does coaching have on principal performance?
Secondary questions that will be explored in the study are as follows: (a) What kinds of support and professional learning appear to have the greatest impact on principal leadership? (b) What do principals who participate in peer coaching learn from reflection, job-embedded practice, and dialogue with other leaders? (c) What change occurs in the professional practice of principals who participate in leadership coaching?
Significance of the Study
There is a great deal of interest today in principal leadership and its’ impact on schools. Current models of professional development have been inadequate to equip today’s principals with the skills they need to effectively lead today’s schools. Researchers have noted that unlike other professions such as medicine, engineering, business and architecture, school leaders have had little or no opportunity to learn their craft in real world settings and learn from observational feedback from peers (Fowler-Finn, 2011). Far too many leadership preparation programs

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