What Is My View On Waste?

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What is my view on waste? There was statement in our reading that stood out to me, and that was we are a “throw away” society. We always must have the latest and greatest then we forget about an item that seems to be obsolete and then just throw it out. Example would be the latest and greatest cell phone that is released approximately every 6 months; we tend to discard outdated items every year, because society tells us too. Obviously, we play a ginormous role as a nation in discarding things improperly. We just throw materials out and try to forget about it. The saying goes and I truly believe that most American’s look at waste as “out of sight is out of mind”, to be blatantly honest before this class I had that same thought process. Once I threw something out I just forgot about it and figured it wasn’t my problem anymore. What am I personally doing about it now? Well, I am starting to use the 3 R’s that we learned about in class not too long ago, which is recycle, reuse, and refuse. I will state this however, in the state I reside it is pretty hard to recycle. There is no separation between recycled goods from what is deemed to be trash. However, I do it on base where I work, because we have a strict policy on separating the recyclables from trash. The other is reuse; some things that I am reusing are plastic containers, coffee mugs, an old iphone that cracked and use it as an ipod, etc. You may not personally think that doing these small things is not making an enormous
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