What Is River Linking?

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What is river linking? River linking is a project connecting two or more rivers using a network artificially with help of canal technique in turn creating a provision of water source for the areas which did not or had scarcity of water. This reduces the flow of fresh river water into the sea. According to (Patkar, 2004) he says, “It is regarded to be the mother of all projects, interlinking of waterways is estimated as the one and the only remedy to all standard water issues – droughts and flooding. With this there are also expected socio-economic and environmental effects as well as the powerful issues of the careful people”. What are the advantages and disadvantages of river linking? ADVANTAGES: • Irrigation With success of river…show more content…
• Deforestation With most of the project comes an issue of cutting down trees, since in this project there is creation of canals which means it needs deforestation in large scale takes place. • Submerging of areas There are chances that with new dams built there can be large areas getting submerged under water which is an important threat to be considered. • Displacement of people Large areas will be acquired in order to create the canals, so the people living in that area should be vacated and are to be provided with new location to live. (Patkar, 2004) (AK MISHRA, 2007) River linking projects Water is very important and it is the settlement for all the living beings. The Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Cholas, and every civilisation in between built pathways and public works to irrigate their farmlands which became the important project. The live examples linking projects are for the river, the Colorado River Aqueduct (US), the Nationwide water Carrier (Israel) and the South-North water Exchange Project (China) are examples of large national inter-basin transfer (IBT) projects aimed at improving farming, treating flooding, and providing the water to draught areas. Apart from all the ecological and environmental issues this project requires high investment this is the point where any nation holds a discussions in order to bring out the positive side of the river link project. The need for a river link project in India The rain fall
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