What Is The Biggest Battle In North America

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Did you know the Battle of Gettysburg was the biggest battle ever fought in North America? There were 160,000 men that fought in the battle. The Union Army was led by Major General Gordon Meade and had had 85,000 men. The Confederate Army was led by General Robert Lee had 75,000. men. The battle occurred the first three days in July of 1863. After the Confederate Army won the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia in May of 1863, General Lee decided to attack the Union Army in the North. This was his second attack in the North. General Lee led the Confederate Army to the North to fight to pressure Abraham Lincoln to end the war. If he could not win the war, then he wanted to form an alliance with England and France. General Lee also wanted to move the battle away from Virginia during the farmers’ growing season. To draw attention away from the Confederateś movement to the North, a group of Confederate soldiers led by Jeb Stuart raided Union supply trains. Stuart was not able to communicate with General Lee so General Lee did not know what the Union troops were planning. At that time the Union soldiers were led by General Joe Hooker. When …show more content…

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