What Is The Committee Of The House

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Puri 01 Kajal Puri Sherry Sharifian Government 2306 01 Dec 2017 Among a large number of people, a committee is a group of specific people who are chosen with the purpose of performing specific task. They are the one who are trusted by many other people. They hold a lot of responsibilities. They need to know what is happening on the sectors they are working, they need to see if their people are having any problem related to any issues and if yes, they should work on solving those problems. Winning an election is an achievement as it makes us unique among the mass. But more than that what really matters is asking our self a question, “Are we ready for the responsibilities that we need to carry after being elected?’’ If the answer is yes, …show more content…

It is because, in United States, health service is costly. We can take an example for dental and eye realted problem, even for minor issues related to these can make our bill go so high. For those who don’t have insurance, it really becomes a hard time. And when it comes to an insurance on health service, it has its own policy and sometime even it will not cover every service we used for. So, I really want to bring some changes on health sector. It can be a health awareness program in terms of communicable diseases. In some cases, one infected needle can take a life of another innocent person. 1 This is all due to lack of awareness among people. Also, we often hear people saying prevention is always better than cure and yes, it is. Regretting later when things already took place is useless. Establishing some policies like, making some minor treatment free of cost, providing some common medicine in low price can really help people and encourage those who cannot afford a proper health care. Doing this would surely increase the quality life and improve the life expectancy rate. Today, education is the fundamental need of every human being. Knowledge enlightens the world of opportunity for the people. If I get a chance to serve in this committee, then I would like to establish an awareness program for parent that not to pressurize their children to become a topper or interfere in their choice of subject. I want to encourage every student to choose

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