What Is The Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Every day in life, we are challenged by the different problems that occur to us. Depending on the problem, there could be more than one answer or alternative to the situation. However, sometimes the situation could become such a threat that there are not many choices to pick from. In the novel The Lord of the Flies, Ralph and the other boys are deserted on an inhabited island after the plane crashed. Ralph, the chosen chief leads the pack until he is overthrown and turned against by Jack’s tribe. Furthermore, he is abandoned by everyone else, exposing himself to the threatening environment while having to escape from Jack. Ironically, the boys are saved because of the ominous environment they’ve caused.
In the novel, each character depicts a symbolic of the various feature of humankind. Ralph, the main protagonist who is athletic and charismatic becomes the elected leader of the boys on the island. Unlike Jack who portrays the savagery within human beings, Ralph represents the civilization that struggles to
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By the end of the novel, everyone had gone savage, no longer were they civil or tamed. Jack aimed to kill, not survive or to be rescued. Ralph’s experience proved how much he has grown since they were on this island. He has become more independent and capable of surviving alone. The irony is that the fire they lit was out of control, it was suppose to kill them and destroy the island, but it ends up saving them. It impacted the work as a whole because it displays the theme of the novel, the loss of innocence. However, it is not something that is done to the children, it is resulted naturally from their increasing openness to the innate evil and savagery that has always existed within them. The threat Ralph was encountered with was created by mankind, not by the nature of the island. The evilness within the boys caused them side with Jack, consequently causing them to turn against Ralph and kill
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