What Is The Difference Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management

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1.1 Distinguish between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management
• Personnel management
Personnel management is a part of management concerned with people at work and with their relationships within the organization. Personnel management as planning and develops their employees and maintain their work and managing employees work and with their relationship with in an organization. Selecting the right person for the job and guiding there performance communicate with all level employees and practicing the people the selected job a personnel manager to lead the peoples and tacking in to the environment to improve productivity. Personnel management is planning and coordinating through the organization and developing and motivating of
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Personnel management is care full delineation of written contract the contract is not changeable and can’t make any modification the employees strictly agree the employment contract the human resource management is aim to go beyond written contract go by the spirit of the contract there is flexible working hours created for employees. They encroach employees to ingress their skills and knowledge. Personnel management focuses in administrative and record keeping and operational function. Human resource management focuses in development and implementations of people strategies, intergraded with corporate strategies censuring the culture, values, quality and structure of the organization. If we focus in speed of decision making that the personnel management is slow on their function but the human resource management is fast in their decision making.Peronnel management includes functional activities. Human resource management includes all the activities, motivation, and communication, job analysis training and ext.…. personnel management is efficiently managing personnel activities of individual department but human resource management is strategic in nature, concerned with directly assisting an organization to gain sustained competitive…show more content…
The organization needs to work hard to get the involvement of their entire employees to attain their goals and objectives. So they must provide some rewards to their employees to motivate them to get their involvement. So I suggest Cargills to provide scholarship programs to its employees, because nowadays most of the employees who are working for Cargills are young people. So this reward system will motivate them a lot as they can go abroad to study further and develop their skills in the future period of time. Providing Scholarship Programs to employees will be a cost to Cargills, but they can overcome the --cost by increasing the efficiency of the employees through this reward system as a motivation tool. And also this can fulfill their Esteem and Self Actualization needs according to Maslow’s
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