What Is The Discovery Of The Montezarro And Marco Polo

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Marco Polo is an explorer from Italy who came back to Europe after staying in China for 20 years in 1295. He could be indirectly be credited for the discovery of the New World. His arrival in the New World caused an altercation in the ecosystem. Francisco Pizarro is a conquistador from Spain that led 180 Spanish soldiers against the Inca. His exploration added to the amount Silver there was for Spain. The flood of the amount of metal Spain has, sets prices to skyrocket that ends up causing economic difficulty for Spain, ultimately creating a deficit for them. Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513 and in 1521. Leon claimed Puerto Rico for Spain and was one of the first explorers to enter the Americas. He is most famed for his search of the Fountain of Youth. Hernando de Soto is an explorer from Spain that had six hundred men and then began an expedition to find gold. He is known for his vicious treatment toward the natives with aggressive dogs and iron collars. Montezuma is a powerful emperor of the Aztec empire from 1502 to 1520 that was imprisoned by the Spanish under Cortes. Cortés' men sent Montezuma out to talk to the people and calm them, where he died. His actions led to the destruction of the Aztec empire. Christopher Columbus is a captain from Italy that was funded to find a better way to India. Columbus was the explorer credited with the discovery of America, so people started believing he had found a "New World". Which caused a global economic shake in

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