What Is The Divide Between The Paleolithic Period And The Neolithic Period?

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The divide between the Paleolithic period and the Neolithic period could not be greater. However, both time periods rely on each-others advancements for the ultimate development of art, and architecture. The Paleolithic time period is divided into three sections, lower, middle and upper. This time period is essentially the beginning of human control over the environment. Humans were now beginning to leave their mark, so-to-speak. During this time period, humans relied on hunting, fishing, and farming for their survival, they began drawing in caves at this time. Cave art was the ancient version of murals. The art depicted what the ancient culture valued most, life. During this time period, creation was important and essential. Artists depicted everyday life and animals because that is what they depended on for their livelihood.
Two Bison, sculpted from clay and found in a cave in Le Tuc d’Audoubert, France ca 15,000 – 10,000 BCE (Gardner and Kleiner, 2014). Sculpted from the walls of the interior of the cave is two bison who stand in darkness, alone in a cave, waiting to be discovered for thousands of years. The details of the Two Bison is sharp and clearly depicted, the Two Bison is just one of many examples of Paleolithic Art that remains today. Some pieces found in caves where they waited for thousands of years to be discovered and appreciated all over again. The Paleolithic time period was also known as the old stone age (Gardner and Kleiner, 2014). This period of time

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