Paleolithic And Neolithic Art : Prehistoric Art

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Prehistoric Art Writing Assignment
There were many social and economic changes that took place in human development from the Paleolithic through Neolithic periods. First, humans invented agriculture to use in their day to day lives. Next, roles of men and women began to shift. Finally, another change between these two periods had to do with living quarters. Art was affected in all of these changes made during the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic eras. The first way art changed was when humans began to develop a system of agriculture. This ensured that humans did not have to move place to place, which gave them time to focus on other things (though it prevented them from making frequent cave paintings, as they no longer needed the caves to dwell in). Weapons were easier to make, and come across, although the types of weapons changed, along with the kind of materials and metals they were made from. In Paleolithic times, people used flint, hunting spears, and even animal bones as weapons. When the Neolithic period began, they used blades, hammers, and chisels instead. They used these as their tools for farming and hunting, as they no longer needed to worry about being so accessible to predators. As Neolithic people no longer had to search for food and water, they needed items to carry the things they collected back to their villages. This is when pottery becomes popular, not only to carry the people’s items but also to advertise their beliefs through religion.

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