What Is The Ebola Conspiracy

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Conspiracy or truth? In this day and age, every news and event has a conspiracy theory linked to it, not just one but millions. Most of them are made up intended for humour and fame however there are loads out there which provide physical evidence proving the truth behind it. Not everything said by the government makes sense therefore maybe the government shouldn’t be trusted? So instead of trusting them, I decided to go over a few conspiracies. How about the most recent one? The outbreak of Ebola. I strongly believe that Ebola virus is a bioweapon, this is because the US government know there are more demands than supplies and they cannot handle it, financially. They have a desire for world depopulation and are encouraging the use of bioweapons …show more content…

Tony Rooke, a man who refused to pay his bill to the BBC because he believes they have covered facts and destroyed the original footage of the 9/11 attacks. The original footage has miraculously disappeared and the BBC have blamed it on a ‘cockup’. Tony has exposed it all, with lots of evidence and scientific experiments done to prove that a plane couldn’t have destroyed 2 entire buildings, it is evident that the US government have lied to us. I found out that once the explosion and fire had calmed down, there was no trace of any desks chairs or even a pen, a jet engine plus oil couldn’t have had THAT much of an effect where not even a trace of a pen was found. This had to be a timed explosion and a certain chemical reaction to destroy to that extent. I also believe the explosion was exaggerated purposely to destroy any trace that gave away the true answer or even evidence towards it. How much of this do you believe compared to what the news claim is the ‘truth’? A photographer from Brooklyn, New York, named Mark Phillips climbed to his roof and took photos of the burning World Trade Centre, which was then published and shared by the Associated Press. After the release, he started to notice that people were seeing an unexpected image in one of the pictures. When he himself examined the photo he saw it, too. "The image I saw was distinct," he later wrote. "Eyes, nose, mouth, horns." …show more content…

I knew I wanted the world trade centre buildings present however I was confused on whether to have them broken or keep them as they were, I also didn’t know where to place them. I started by cutting it out and moving across my page to see if I find a fit, however my art teacher advised me to think of a layering affect which gave me the idea to place the buildings behind one of the scales and have the smoke overlap the scale. This was to also represent the importance of justice and how no matter how horrific the event is, justice will/should always be

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