What Is The Halfbreed?

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wolf halfbreed, and his robotic partner, lost in halfbreed age, appeared no older than Kevin, eternally trapped in a teenaged state without any noticeable characteristics of being a halfbreed. No ears other than the fleshy ones on his jawline. No tail. No point to his teeth. With pale hands folded behind his back, the robot seemed shut off, uninterested like in all the newspaper photos Kevin had seen him in. Weird maybe just say Marcos’s robotic blue irises grew? Marcos the Robot’s blue irises grew and morphed in size, gears and lenses zooming. “Name: Kevin Jaime Harrow. Age: seventeen. Gender: male. Breed: osprey, juvenile. Residence: 201 Newbridge Lane. Charged for the alleged fratricide—”
“Not alleged,” the Líder corrected. “I dropped
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“Sources speculate that he has been hearing voices since age twelve.”
The Líder started pacing in front of the room.
“Is something wrong?” Marcos asked. “Your blood pressure is rising. Your chance of fainting is now at sixty-seven percent.”
“Marcos, stop talking.”
“Not to mention you have not slept for the past thirty-two hours.”
Hand still on the nape of his neck, Kevin felt around his skull, trying to find what temporal lobe now grew against his brain. Understood one word of the diagnosis. Part of it. Psychosis.
They know about us.
I thought only your family knew about us? They must be spying on you.
That’s bad. That’s so bad.
Bit his tongue to keep from crying. Why was the Líder hesitating on executing him? Had done wrong. Had entered the forest. And the Líder never, ever wavered on taking life. That’s how a Deity worked. That’s what made them so powerful. That’s why they held governance of everything and everyone.
Looked up to the Líder staring directly at Kevin. Not at the Guard. Not at his companion. Not anywhere else more suited for the Deity’s yellow eyes.
Didn’t know if he started crying from the pressure of the man’s presence or from keeping his eyes open for too long. Neither of them had blinked for five whole seconds.
Grasped the table’s cold side. His mind, his worries, they all drowned
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