Hesi Hypertension Essay

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Mr. Dunn's blood pressure reading is 189/110. His LDL cholesterol reading is 200 mg/dl. He asks the student nurse if he should be concerned about his blood pressure.

How should the student respond?
A) "Your blood pressure is very high. You need to see your healthcare provider today."
Mr. Dunn's blood pressure is high. The student nurse needs to assess for other symptoms before making the determination that the healthcare provider must see him that day.

B) "You have hypertension. You need to start making some lifestyle changes."
The diagnosis of hypertension is not made until the client has an elevated blood pressure on two different occasions.

C) "Please sit here quietly for a few
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C) "Hypertension is called the silent killer. I'm sure that you don't want to die at your young age."
While this answer may scare the client, it does not help the client understand the disease process.

D) "It is always better to treat high blood pressure before you start having symptoms."
This is true, but does not provide the client with the best information needed at this time.

A week later, Mr. Dunn has an appointment with his healthcare provider. After the exam, the healthcare provider explains to Mr. Dunn that he has stage 2, primary (essential) hypertension.

What information obtained during the assessment supports this diagnosis?
A) Blood pressure of 184/98.
Stage 2 hypertension is described as a Systolic blood pressure of greater than or equal to 160 mm Hg or a Diastolic blood pressure of greater than, or equal to, 100 mm Hg.

B) Family history of hypertension.
This is a risk factor not a symptom of primary hypertension.

C) Irregular pulse rate of 110.
Pulse rate and rhythm do not affect blood pressure classification.

D) An auscultated heart murmur.
A heart murmur does not directly support the diagnosis of stage 2 hypertension. However, a heart murmur may be a reflection of a problem that caused the client's hypertension. If a cause for the hypertension is found, the client would then be diagnosed with secondary hypertension.

The healthcare provider
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