What Is The Impact Of Nursing And Health

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This written easy will be taking a look at the health profile within a particular community and will aim to provide an understanding of nursing and health by critically analysing the environment, socio economic and cultural factors that could be influencing the health of the individuals and the community as a whole. The essay will also aim to evaluate the nurse and client relationship, discussing the different perceptions of health and wellbeing amongst individuals, the communities and overall population of the area. The area of focus for this easy is Bury, which is part of the Bury Metropolitan Borough and also will be looking at depression, which is one of the major health issues of concern in this area. It is worth mentioning that …show more content…

The ethnic profile of the Bury; it has 89.1% that class themselves to be white, with the second largest group to be the Asians at 7.13%, mixed community at 1.7%, black community at 1.0% and others 0.8% (ONS 2011 census). The Town has seen an increase in the non-white population since last population census was carried out, but this is still low in proportion to the national average (Bury JSNA final report on Health and wellbeing 2015).
According to Cambridge Dictionary, clinical depression is “a mental illness that causes feelings of sadness and loss of hope, changes in sleeping and eating habits, loss of interests in your usual activities and pains that have no physical explanation” (Cambridge dictionary accessed online Oct 2017). It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in England will at some point experience a mental health problem in a given year (PHE 2016). In the words of Robert Burton;
“A quiet mind cureth all them, but all they cannot comfort a distressed soul: who can put to silence the voice of desperation? All that is single in other melancholy, Horrible, dirum, pestilens, atrox, ferum, concur in this, it is more than melancholy in the highest degree; a burning fever of the soul; so mad, saith jacchinus, by the misery; fear, sorrow and despair, he puts for ordinary symptoms of melancholy. They are in great pain and horror of mind, distraction of soul, restless, full of continual fears, cares, torments, anxieties,

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