What Is The Importance Of Japanese Culture

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The world is full of different cultures. It is so interesting to study the different ways people live their lives. Cultures are so diverse that normal habits done on a regular basis in one culture may be considered taboo in another culture. This essay will discuss how the Japanese culture differs from my culture, and it will also examine the importance of studying another culture.
First, I want to cover some of the major differences between the Japanese culture and my own, and then get to some of the smaller differences. The first major difference is the religion; Buddhism and Shintoism make up 84% of the Japanese religion. The item that intrigued me was the fact that religion in Japan is more of a set of rules and rituals to follow now and then. There is not much daily involvement in religion like there is in America; whether it is Christian, Catholic, or Muslin, each religion involves prayer and worship to a certain degree on more of daily or weekly basis. Next, the Japanese food is much different. Most Japanese meals have rice in some form or another and the Japanese generally eat with chopsticks. When eating at a restaurant there are many differences to consider. A wet towel is given to a customer when he is first seated at a restaurant to wash his hands. When sushi is the meal it is acceptable to eat use hands and not chop sticks. When eating noodles, it is acceptable to make slurping noises. When you are finished with your meal it is not expected that you tip the

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