What Is The Irony In The Story Of An Hour

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The Story of an Hour Irony Essay Imagine being given the news that your abusive spouse was killed in a horrific accident only for them to walk through your front door. Sounds pretty ironic right? Well this is exactly what happened in The Story of an Hour. It was an ordinary day for Mrs.Mallard when she was given the terrible news that her husband was killed. After taking a quiet stroll, she realized she was free from her husband’s controlling wrath which brought great joy to her. Later that day she was walking down the stairs with her sister when her husband that was supposed to be dead bust through the front door. In an instant, she died of a heart attack which the doctor said it was because of joy which it really was of disappointment. In this story, there were two types of irony which were situational and dramatic and in this essay I will be discussing these two examples. …show more content…

It was really used well in this story because I wasn't expecting him to still be alive when there had been double clarification of his death. If it wasn't used in the story the end story would change dramatically. Mrs. Mallard wouldn't have had her heart attack from the shock and there wouldn't be the question of where her husband was when he was “dead”. The second example of irony in this story is dramatic irony when Mrs. Mallard had her heart attack which the doctors said was from joy when we really knew it was from disappointment and shock. I think it was used well because it also gave the reader a scale of the severity of her heart condition and how much shock she was in. If this example of irony wasn't used in the story it would probably change dramatically as well. If the doctors knew she died from disappointment rather than joy it would make her seem like a jerk for being happy her husband was

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