What Is The Lord Of Flies Sentence In The Lord Of The Flies

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This sentence comes from the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The story is about a group of boys stranded on an island, desperately trying to survive. It begins lighthearted and fun but slowly takes a terrifying turn as the boys fall into madness and paranoia. An reoccurring theme throughout the book is the beast, a monster which the boys believe is on the island with them. This sentence is used in the context of the story to show that the beast is not actually real but the fear it represents is and it plays a key role in the gradual loss of humanity in the characters.
This sentence is spoken in chapter eight to one of the boys named Simon by a dead pig, or the lord of the flies as it is referred to. Simon had passed out in the previous chapter and awoke to a hallucination of this pig talking to him. Simon is a special character in the book. He is always shown to be kind and caring even when everyone else appears to be going mad. He is used to represent a small amount of good while the rest of the island falls into evil. It was no accident that he was the one this line was spoken too. He was the only person that the savagery couldn't corrupt so he was the only one able to discover the truth about the beast. He had suspicions that the beast was inside the boys, not an actually physical being, but this vision confirms it for him. The lord of the flies even asks “you knew, didn’t you?” proving that all along Simon had known subconsciously the real beast was
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