What Is The Love Of Athena

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As many people may know, Zeus had many love affairs over the years. One of which resulted in a daughter named Athena. Athena is one of the twelve major Greek gods. She is the goddess of of wisdom and war as well as the patron of Athens. There are two well-know stories about the birth of Athena, also called Athene, Pallas, and Minerva which is her Roman name. In the first story, Zeus is the only parent of Athena. It is said that Zeus had an intense headache, and Athena sprang forth fully grown and wearing full armor. In the second, Athena is the daughter of Zeus -god of the skies- and Metis -goddess of crafty thought and wisdom- who was his first wife. After Metis gave birth to Athena, the story says Zeus swallowed her in fear of a prophecy which stated that Metis would have a son stronger than Zeus, and that he would become the new ruler. Athena; however, was also a very fierce, strong, and strategic warrior along with Zeus’s favorite child. Wether born with two parents or Metis alone, Athena remains a strong goddess who is an expert in strategic warfare. Athena is both the patron and the guardian of Athens, Greece. The Athenians have a number of festivals and architectural structures dedicated to her. The biggest, most important festival is Panathenaea, and it is all in honor of Athena. This festival lasted six days and took place once every four years. It included athletic contests, music, dancing, and banquets. Another festival called Anthesteria took place in

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