What Is The Making Of The Modern World

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The Making of the Modern World by Erik Ringmar, an overview of the events in history that have led to the modern political scene. Diplomacy by Stephen McGlinchey, the evolution of diplomacy and big events that have showcased the power of diplomacy. One World, Many Actors by Carmen Gebhard, the transition of global relations from international to trans-national focused on the role of individuals and groups. As a scholar, these three texts have changed my present thoughts on how the world’s international relations and diplomacy have been an integral part in making the global market. I am an economics major with an international trade and development concentration, learning about how the politics affect trade and businesses, is amazing. My…show more content…
In the realm of international relations, I appreciate that it “moved away from a dominant focus on the state and the system to deal more with the role and perspective of groups and individuals.” (Carmen Gebhard). This allowed anyone to have a voice in politics and stand up for what they believe in and that is something I firmly believe in and was reinforced with this new knowledge about the concept of trans-national relations.
Learning about the events that lead to the modern global political system and global market defiantly strengthened my belief that the global trade has significant benefits, taught me that economic incentives and potential loss can prevent wars, and money runs the world when it comes to being politically dominant. In the medieval ages the kings were dominant and had power over little except the economy. “The economy was not thought of as a distinct sphere separated from politics but instead as a tool of statecraft which the state could manipulate to serve its own ends.” (Erik Ringmar). Times have changed and medieval kings do not rule all the land but the concept remains the same, countries use their economic standing as a way to make deals, prevent political issues, and push forward their political agenda. This is not always successful especially when it came to the Cold War because the US and the USSR were both economically built
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