What Is The Purpose Of Mythology Compared To The Ancient Greek Mythology

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I. Introduction to Classical Mythology
1. The importance of the Iliad is that it shows us what the early Greeks were like which is critical to us the descendants intellectually, and in our politics and art.
2. “The Greek miracle” is the awakening of Greece which with the disappearance of old things created a whole new way to look at the world.
3. Compared to the Egyptians, the Greeks were more relaxed and casual evident in their portrayal of the gods. The Greeks made their gods look human which had never been done before and they felt at home with them, fearing them yet still at ease knowing all about what they did and even laughing at them. This is much more relaxed than the Egyptians as they didn’t make their gods human nor did they dare laugh in their presence.
4. Over time Zeus went from the most powerful god, to a deity that has a moral code that was enforced upon others but not himself, punisher of those that violate it, to punisher of those that did wrong and friend of justice. In general Zeus went from a dictator-like state to a more mature and just form of ruler.
5. The three main purposes of myths were for entertainment, religious purposes, and early literature and science.

II. Chapter 1: The Gods
1. Cronus (Saturn): Cronus was the king of the Titans, the children of the heavens and earth, and reigned until his son Zeus dethroned him and took power for himself. According to the Romans after being dethroned, Saturn fled to Italy and brought about the

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