What Is The Purpose Of The I Have A Dream Speech

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At the midpoint of the twentieth century, African Americans answer the call to remodel the world for the better. African Americans had long endured a horrendous landscape of white supremacy, with an entanglement of injustice within policy, social codes,and violence. The devastating effect of the Jim Crow era racism was applied to every African American and was deeply-rooted within the United States. Yet the phoenix always rises from the ashes and the black freedom movement made a collective call to end segregation. On the surface today, we see the Civil Rights movement as how many secured their rights, but what we do not see was the ultimate fight the African Americans faced, and the struggles they endured. The goal of this movement was not …show more content…

King’s speech had a serious impact on all types of people as it brought out the disturbing truth of the matter as well as hope in the audience. Also, this speech was heard during the March on Washington, one of the most notorious marches in history. The way African Americans were treated was expressed with overwhelming sorrow and was described with words of aspiration in attempts to achieve equality for the future of America. The actions done by MLK painted a picture that activists saw with a new clearer vision into racial equality. The purpose of the “I Have A Dream” speech encourages the audience to keep their faith and stay hopeful during the times of discrimination. With his goal to overcome the present society, Martin represents this idea when challenging people to take a stand against prejudice …show more content…

Take for example, the children who fought for their rights of education, Little Rock Nine, who tore down the walls that stood in their way of public schools. In the case of Brown vs. Board of Education, the court voted in the African American student’s favor because under the Fourteenth Amendment they would declare that the segregation in schools were unconstitutional. The birth of the Little Rock Foundation was made. The Little Rock Nine, in 1957, began as nine students simply signing up for a school, but it prove to be much larger than anyone could have anticipated. Throughout history, main basis of what the government was founded on states, that all men are created equal. This simply, yet complex integration of races would forever improve that clause in the constitution. The Little Rock Nine, faced conditions that are incredibly disheartening, from threats to trash getting thrown at them, the struggle to secure their civil rights within their power was the top priority they had. Even their governor opposed them from entering the school and went as far as to announce that he would assemble the Arkansas National Guard to stop the African-American students from entering Central High, and claimed the action was for the students own protection. In the speech, “Speech on School Integration,” Orval E. Faubus the governor, states:

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