What Is The Purpose Of The Jumping Frog By Mark Twain

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Mark Twain Mark Twain was an author whose earliest opportunity with writing began in 1867. He saw said opportunity when he was approached by Charles H. Webbs who suggested that he (Mark) publish a few of his sketches in a local newspaper. Mark was ecstatic and agreed to do so if someone would gather the sketches for him. One of his first stories published was "The Jumping Frog." Mark Twain was a writer, a dreamer and had a wild imagination. Mark is best known for "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "The Innocents Abroad", and "Life On The Mississippi". At the beginning of his writing career, Mark expressed the need to be seen by the people. When his story, "The Jumping Frog" was published, it wasn't enough for him. The story was being …show more content…

Mark then re-accounted this moment with his friend, Webbs and Webbs took it upon himself to sell "The Jumping Frog" by any means necessary, even if it included selling it himself-which he did. "Webb, and he bravely said that not all the Carleton’s in the universe should defeat that book; he would publish it himself on a ten per cent. royalty. And so he did." (Twain). Mark was persistent in his dreams once he knew what direction he should point in, his friends’ attempts to sell his book were noted by Mark with an exasperated look and a grateful sigh. Mark was a person who wants the rewards, but not to have to do all the work. Mark later than received a letter from Elisha Bliss, who offered to represent him in the publishing industry. Mark, after some thought agreed, and was excited. When Carelton had rejected him, Mark was unsure of what to do then which is why he didn't try by all attempts to proceed onwards with publishing. Carelton had been his only hope and it had just been smashed, but Bliss had reopened his eyes. Again, Mark was a realist and this was another door opening for him. Unfortunately, it wasn't immediate. Mark sent up a manuscript and illustrations to Bliss and Bliss worked on it, then halted for, as said by Mark, "...and then stopped work on it. The contract date for the issue went by, and there was no explanation of this." This was very frustrating to Mark, who at this point was attempting to the

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