What Is The Reflection Of The Life Of Pi

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The Life of Pi is a story about a young boy named Pi Patel, short for Piscine Patel. Pi was born and raised in India as the son of a zookeeper. At school, Pi was bullied because of his name. Kids thought it was funny because when you pronounce his first name sounds like you’re saying “pissing”. But that doesn’t stop him from learning and discovering new things. Being very curious, Pi begins to study many different religions, such as Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism; Even though his father says “Believing in everything at once, is the same thing as believing in nothing.”
One day Pi was feeling brave and decided to go to the back of the zoo, where his father feeds the tigers that live in the tiger exhibit. He walked in the cement room when his brother told him “Let’s go”; in response, Pi says “I want to see him up close.” Once his brother leaves the room, Pi reaches through the metal bars that were separating him from the tiger. As he was trying to feed the tiger, his father and brother come running in, scaring both Pi and the tiger. Then his father proceeds to tell him “Animals don't think like we do; People who forget that get themselves killed. That tiger is not your friend. When you look into his eyes, you are seeing your own emotions reflected back at you - nothing else.” Pi’s father then begins to feed the tiger a live goat, right in front of Pi. After learning this important lesson about animals, Pi later said, “The world had lost some of its enchantment.”
After a

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