What Is The Right To Buy Snacks Into The Movie Theater

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Is it truly morally sound to bring outside food and drinks into a movie theater? Many people think that sneaking snacks into the movies okay because the snacks sold at the movies are not as favorable as snacks they could buy at stores because of the price and limitation of choices. Some people see that not buying snacks could negatively affect the movie theater while some believe that bringing their own snacks would not hugely affect the theaters. It is okay to bring snacks into the movie theater because some people cannot eat specific snack foods due to allergies, movie theater food is incredibly unhealthy, and cheaper prices are available to those who buy food from outside places. Some people are allergic to some foods which can limit their…show more content…
There is nothing wrong with bringing your own food into the movie theater because their are cheaper prices for food available at other establishments, some people have allergies which limits them when it comes to the foods available at the movies, and some people choose to not eat the movie theater food due to the incredible unhealthiness of the food. Saving money is very important and spending money on movie theater food when you can get it cheaper somewhere else is incredibly naive. Allergies are something that cannot be stopped and when people with these allergies go to the movies they do not deserve to be limited to the foods they can eat there. Some people may prefer to nosh on healthier foods during a movie so that they may continue to eat a healthy diet even during a movie. There is nothing truly wrong with sneaking food into the movie
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