What Is The Role Of Offred In The Handmaid's Tale

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The novel The Handmaid’s tale begins with the main character Offred introducing the facilities she is living in, the role of the people, and the kind of place and caste system she is living in. Offred is crucial to the story because one she is the main character and two she gives us descriptions of what kind of roles or changes have been placed in the Gilead nation. Also another character Ofglen who is a handmaid like Offred plays a role as a friend like figure to Offred. They are assigned as partners to one another and without Ofglen, Offred would be completely lonely but she does not play that big of a role in the novel. Moira was Offred’s friend before the start of Gilead and is usually seen through Offred’s flash back moments. She plays
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