What Is The Similarities Between Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm, the novella written by George Orwell seems to be a symbolic and metaphorical representation of the Russian revolution. There are various similarities between the incidents that took place in the Russian revolution and in the text. In the text we see the revolt between the two classes. One of the classes belonged to the animals, were exploited and tortured and the other one belonged to the humans who venerated the animal class and used them for their monetary purpose. The kind of attitude that Mr. Jones owner of the farm had towards animals was obnoxious. It filled animals with the feeling of hatred and revolt. Russian revolution There had been great revolts in the world. Russian revolution of 1917 is one of the remarkable incident or in other words a strong protest that took place in the history of world. It was a strong outburst of all the social injustice and suppression that people had to face because of the aristocrats and the capitalists. The formation of new union and the ultimate …show more content…

It worked as an encouragement and they used to sing it in the meetings and even after the revolt. In the characters of the leaders we see a lot of similarity. The character of Napoleon can be compared with Joseph Stalin since they both believed in dictatorship. In the text we see Napoleon overthrow Snowball by attacking him with his nine dogs whom he used to train personally. In the revolution also Stalin wanted Trotsky to get rid of any kind of power or authority. He wanted the total control and even exiled Trotsky. When we look towards the character of Trotsky and Snowball, we can see many similarities. Both of them wanted to live for the welfare of their people and to help them by solving their problems. They did not believe in dictatorship. Snowball initiated the learning of the pigs. He felt that every animal of the farm should be educated. Trotsky led to the formation of Red

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