What Is The Similarities Between The Stranger And Waiting For Godot

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“The Stranger” by Albert Camus and “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett are both pieces of literature that explore the idea of absurdism. “The Stranger” describes a story of the protagonist, Meursault, who is viewed as an outsider in society. He killed an Arab and was consequently ordered to be executed because he was different from the society around him. “Waiting for Godot”, on the other hand, is a story about two main characters waiting for a person named Godot who never shows up. Eventually time just passes without any regular routine. Comparatively, two pieces of literature have both similarities and differences, which will be examined in this essay.

First of all, I will start with the similarities. In both “The Stranger” and “Waiting for Godot”, the protagonists keep repeating routines. There are few instances of repetition in “The Stranger”. Meursault never has any surprising events that happen in his life. The only things he does every day and cares about is going to work, having sex, …show more content…

Vladimir: What?
Estragon: What’s all this about? Abused who?
Vladimir: The Savior.
Estragon: Why?”
(Beckett, 5)
Vladimir and Estragon are waiting for Godot, who is probably God, to come and give them the answers. However, Godot never comes. Hence, it is shown that both stories explore the theme of extentialism throughout the story.

Comparatively, “The Stranger” and “Waiting for Godot” have differences, too. One of the differences that could be discussed is how time passes. In “The Stranger”, time moves in chronological order, like our normal daily lives, from morning to night. In the story, the events also happen progressively, from Meursault attending his mother’s funeral to his murder of the Arab, and at last, to his trial. However, in “Waiting for Godot”, it is hard for the readers to identify whether time moves forward or not.
“Vladimir: Where were you? I thought you were gone for ever.
Estragon: They’re coming!
Vladimir: Who?
Estragon: I don’t

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