What Is The Story Of A Short Story

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One day a long time ago, a little innocent girl named the winged lady was born. The people of the high village all had wings but, this little girl was born with no wings. Her parents were the queen and the king of the high village and they expected this girl to be the perfect little girl. So they believed that she was just behind and that her wings would eventually grow. So as time went on she reached the age of Twenty years old. She had never changed she got older but her wings never grew and she felt out because all of her friends grew their wings and were so beautiful and perfect. So she decided she was going to find the creator which he lived way above on the land of creations. But she had know way to get there so she set out on to a journey to find help. She went to all have her friends, for some reason everyone of her friends that heard of that name would cry. Every time this happened the clouds would get dark and water would come down but it was quiet. So the winged lady was very confused why this would happen because the planet very far away that was a very crisp and soothing blue and green would have the same effect as there relm did. The clouds got dark and it looked very depressing. As a few days went on she found this old lady that don't have wings either. The lady told her to “leave” but she said “i need help”. The winged lady beggedd her and begged her, she finally said “What do you need” and the winged lady said “I need to get to the creator to see why i

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