What Is The Story Of The Capital City Short Story

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Early morning, just before sunrise His Majesty Gregory Acer King of Brugmansia and his armed Royal guards take a stroll through the well-lit business district of The Capital City. Gregory is greeted by an adoring crowd of at least a thousand who cheer and wave prompting Gregory to wave back. Gregory's guards casually walk over to the crowd, The guards then take aim and fire!, Killing dozens Instantly. The survivors shocked by what had just transpired freeze, as does Gregory. Moments later as the guards take aim again Gregory and the survivors regain their senses, the survivors flee from the area, As they flee the guards mow them down. Gregory shouts “I ORDER YOU ALL TO SEIZE FIRE IMMEDIATELY I REPEAT SEIZE FIRE IMMEDIATELY!” Gregory's order is ignored and the massacre continues. Around the corner a police officer patrolling the city in his Police cruiser hears gun shots so decides to investigate. As the police officer drives to the scene he is flagged down by a person running towards him, The police officer pulls over and asks “how may I help you?,” their heart still racing The person takes a moment to catch their breath, then they tell The Police Officer “the Royal Guards Are shooting people in the street!” “Where!?” The Police officer asks “Spring Avenue in the C.B.D” The Person replies while hyperventilating. The Police officer radios Dispatch “This is Senior Constable Francis Agastache requesting immediate back up, I've received a report that members of The Royal Guard

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