Short Story : Scelestus City '

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I finish carving the tally into the leather strips wrapped around my forearm, the wind attempting to whip my braided hair into my face. I lean back against the brick building, staring at each tally. Twelve tallies. Twelve days since arriving in Scelestus City and still no closer to escaping. Still unable to return to the subway with Felix constantly hanging around. First chance I get, my legs are bolting straight there. I’ve been going between my aching body collapsing on my bed and fixing up all the guns and gadgets, Thorn and Felix could find. There’s finally enough to trade for goods we actually need, such as food. A trade also means leaving the apartment and getting some much needed fresh air. I glance up at the dangling sign of what …show more content…

I don’t think the same. I think it makes a person smarter. It also makes insulting people easier. Felix steps out of the alley, brushing his hair back. “Are you two getting along?” “Oh, yes, we’re just peachy,” Thorn sneers. “Hermana,” Felix warns in this different language, which I think means sister, considering he calls her that a lot. And she doesn't hit him, meaning it can't be an insult. She just rolls her eyes, before doubting him. “Are you sure the goods are safer here?” “It’s fine,” he states. “We ready?” I nod, straightening and we’re moving out, keeping to the shadows of the alleyways and overgrowth. Thorn glances back at me after a while, before putting a hand on her hip. “Still think we should have left her behind. This thing goes bad and she’ll freak in the middle of gunfire. She looks like someone who tends to lose their marbles.” She’s trying to get under my skin and it works because I snap back. “I can take care of myself. I did kill that demon dog.” “That was a dog. These will be people. Living, talking human beings.” She slows her pace, marching beside me. “Can you take another person’s life if yours is threatened or will you freeze?” I brush her off, catching up to Felix. Though I’ve never pulled the trigger of a gun, I did blow up a building with demons inside and I feel little regret for that. Still, I’ve never shot anyone. I might shoot her if she keeps this

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