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The Little Prince

The story of the little prince was published in 1943 written by Antoine de saint. It is a classic fable about a pilot who stranded in the desert after a plane crash and met the little prince. It has been translated into more than 170 language and adapted into two operas. It is undoubtedly Saint-Exupery's most famous work. little prince is commonly known to be a children's story but it is also appreciated by adults due to those lessons might learn and underlying philosophical nature and views.

The story of the little prince began in the sahara dessert where the pilot stranded because of the engine problem of the plane. The pilot awoken one day by a young boy who is the little prince. Little prince is …show more content…

The little prince asked the pilot to draws him a sheep politely. Instead of the picture of the sheep ,the pilot draw a boa constrictor with the an elephant in its stomach. the little prince became happy when the pilot draw a boy with air holes. They understand that the sheep is inside the box. The little prince hoping the his knowledge will become widen by travelling places, like planet earth by meeting people, animals and plants that live in those places. In the Sahara dessert, the little prince met the fox. The fox reveals to him a very important things in life. The prince wants to play but the fox refused. The fox want to have connection between the two of them. They must tame each other to build relationship specially friendship. but taming is not that easy it involves time and patience. After that, in travelling the planet earth. the little prince saw a thousand rose. He left his rose in asteroid and he thought that his rose is unique but he prove that it is not the only one exist in the world. Then he realized That even though they are lots of rose in the world, his rose is the only one in his heart. This is why connection is very important between two persons. He want to go back to his …show more content…

This story leaves us the feeling warm and enlightened us. Like we having a deep and meaningful conversation with alien. We need to value every moment in our life. An expected moment and to the middle of feeling pity and tragic on our whole life we where be having a true friends that help us to cope up to this situation. There's a friend that make us happy that’s why we need to appreciate their presence because time will come they may lost. We need to value the life of one person. The rites and rituals are significant but often forgotten and that crucial matters are often ignored and not appreciated these lesson it help us to understand everything and help us to understand our own mistakes in our life even they are not together. The love is always

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