What Is The Theme Of Fatherhood In Crusader Rabbit

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Love and affection, two fundamental things we receive from our parents and loved ones while growing up. For some kids it might be overlooked, whereas for others who have not experienced a parent’s love, it might leave them with an empty abyss they attempt to fill in their whole lives. Thus the question remains whom do these neglected kids turn to in hope of receiving love and affection? An example of this could be perceived in the short story “Crusader Rabbit” where the main character, Jeremy, yearns for something he has never even experienced, moreover, how it affects him in his adolescent life. The short story “Crusader Rabbit” written by Jess Mowry from 1991, ultimately shows us how the title “fatherhood” does not only belong to a biological father alone, but also to the one who is …show more content…

His hesitancy also shows us how Jeremy’s addiction has grown so strong, that he must take his time to decide. However, Raglan, whom we still are unsure of him being Jeremy’s father, has been helping him to gradually stop his addiction. This could for instance be seen in the following quotation:
“…”Yeah. One two a day; that’s all. Jeremy pulled in smoke, holding it a long time, the breathing out rings ”Next week it’s only gonna be one.””
Raglan is an important character in the short story since he is so considerate about Jeremy, and more importantly sees hope in him. We slowly realize why Raglan is able to understand and help Jeremy, and that is because they are so comparable to each other. That could also be the reason why Jeremy refers to him as his father. The could be substantiated in the following quotation:
““I used to miss ‘em… my veins, I mean. A long time ago. An’ sometimes I poked right

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