What Is The Theme Of Marigolds

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Have you seen a marigolds? Well do u know what its? A marigolds is a flower a really beautify flower that is red,orange,yellow . This boo.k is written by eugenia collier the book is entertain you about the wonders of the flowers. The tittle of the book is Marigolds. The main thing about the book is the the flowers and how the girl thought ms lottie was evil cause she had beautify flowers. The 1st and most imporant theme in the story was when the kids went to pick on ms.lottie cause she stayed in a old beat-up dull brown house but she had a small beautify garden. In the garden there was freash planted pretty orange, red, and yellow flowers. These flowers was called marigolds.some evidence show that they kids threw rocks at ms.lottie and
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