What Is The Theme Of Money In A Raisin In The Sun

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The play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ by ‘Lorraine Hansberry’ is about a matriarchy, Lena Younger or known as “Mama” to her family the Youngers who are poverty stricken family. She is about to receive insurance money from her husband’s life insurance policy, which is rightfully hers. However each member of the Youngers family we come into contact with have a plan to use the money for themselves, each individual’s through-line plays a vital role in their dreams, thoughts and choices in the end. Throughout the play the family have experiences that money can’t buy happiness and the effects of racial prejudice emerge.
The Youngers are a poor black family that live in the Southside of Chicago in the 1940’s. The family live in a two bedroom apartment, of …show more content…

We just plain working folks” and refuses to give Walter the money until Act 2 Scene 2 she finally apologises to Walter and says “I been wrong, son” then gave him a large sum of money, “sixty-five hundred dollars” to be exact. The money would have to be “put in a saving account for Beneatha’s medical schooling. The rest you put in a checking account – with your name on it.” Walter finally gets a chance to be the “head of his house and the man Mama always knew he could be, just like is father. In a sense his intentions were good he even said “Daddy ain’t going to never be drunk again.” Walter even has a heart-to-heart with his son Travis about “what kind of man you going to be when you grow up?” Ironically Walter goes behind the Youngers back and gives the money to “Willy”, in trusting their business venture to work. This backfires in the end as “Bobo” tells him that “Willy is gone”, he has disappeared with the money and is never seen or heard from again. Walters’s character is questioned one more when he has to make a decision for his family, it was about the down payment on the families’ new house. The house is situated in a white suburb in “Clybourne Park Improvement Association.” Chairman of the “New Neighbours Orientation Committee” “Karl Lindner” has offered the family a large sum of money, in actual fact to “buy the house from you at a financial gain to your family.” The most important decision in the play was made by Walter who rejects Mr Lindner’s offer. “We don’t want your money, and he has “decided to move into our house”, so they will not give in to the racial

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