Stereotypes Of Women In Pride And Prejudice

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Throughout history women have long endured the struggle of battling the inferiorities given to them by society. Women have been denied certain unalienable rights, expected to behave in a particular way, and ultimately been forced to become dependent on men. These societal oppressions have negatively impacted women into believing they are indeed unequal to men, and have sought their ¨protection” through marriage. In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice written satirically to the Romanticism period, the unjust marriage norms for nineteenth century women depicted through the usage of irony appall contemporary mindsets. Austen is able to stereotype the typical brainwashed woman of the English Regency through characters such as Mrs. Bennet and Charlotte Lucas, while contrasting them to the modernistic views of Elizabeth Bennet.
To begin with, the time period in which Jane Austen lived heavily impacted the writing of Pride and Prejudice. Not only did Jane Austen face discrimination in being a woman and daring to write a novel during the poetry prominent Romanticism literary time period, but she also witnessed the injustice women experienced regarding marriage. In “Jane Austen’s Ideal Man in Pride and Prejudice,” Haiyan Gao states, “Women were discriminated in Austen's time. If a woman from the gentry didn't marry and had no family members who could take her in and provide for her, often the only somewhat respectable alternative was to become a governess or a teacher in a school. Even
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