Life Of Pi

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Picture this: You’re stranded on a fragile boat in the middle of the ocean. No food, water, security or even protective clothing. A gush of fear just hovers around you. When existence flow towards uncertainty, and believes shatter due to internal conflicts. When you’re alone. When currents seemed unleashing its rage to engulf the boat for unknown reasons. When instincts play god in assortment. When horizon seems to have painted with vibrant pictures of past. How would you survive? You have no one around you other than an untamed, terrifying tiger, which makes you all the more petrified. What would you do to survive? Would you know how to survive? Or is it possible to sustain the notions of survival by hoping someone would perceive your beats of hope? The movie I have chosen to analyze is Life of Pi. Life of Pi is a movie that revolves around courage, resilience and hope. The protagonist Pi Patel experiences an internal journey of resilience after the unfortunate shipwreck incident. Additionally, the strong bond built between the tiger and Pi generated some trust in each other and that strengthened the courage Pi had through the …show more content…

It also tells about ambiguous detours of life and unprecedented alliances happen in course of time. Also, partings that leaves us with lot of questions. It is self- explanatory that Pi and Richard Parker experience a physical journey, which is a travelling on the friable boat. However, the emotional journey that Pi experiences are feelings of love and trust, with Richard Parker aiding him survive this trip and after surviving, starting the new chapter of his life. This movie conveys that no matter what obstacle you face, with faith, love and mutual support, you can vanquish any obstacle. “Somewhere inside of us is the power to challenge the world”- Roald

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