What Is The Theme Of The Big World By Tim Winton

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Analyse how the beginning and/or end of the written text(s) emphasized the writer’s purpose.

‘I want to be a superhero when I grow up!’ Just how common is this phrase? When we are young, it is common to have limitless ambitions, but as we grow and adjust to reality, we are forced to discover that some of these ambitions are unattainable. Often, this causes people to settle for less instead of continuing to try chase their ambitions. This realisation and change of mindset is called maturity. The beginning and end of the short story, ‘Big World’ by Tim Winton contrast to emphasise these changes in an individual’s outlook on life through age and experience. This experience is all told through the eyes of an unnamed narrator who embarks on a journey …show more content…

From young, limitless ambitions to experienced realisation of what is realistically possible to achieve. This is shown in the story through using minor sentences, briefly mentioning the narrator’s rites of passage, to show their insignificance compared to upcoming events later in his life, and displaying the impulsive, impatient thinking of a young teenager in the start of the story. By the end of the story, the narrator has a wise, experienced voice, understanding of the effects of impatience on achieving his goals, and displaying to the reader how thoughts change as individuals …show more content…

In fact, he had grown up with many fond memories as an overprotected only child in Shanghai, China. As he grew up near the ocean, to this day, the smell of sea spray brings him back many memories of playing fetch with his dog along the shore, skimming pebbles across the water and going fishing with his dad. ‘Every evening, dad and I used to bring seafood back [from fishing] for mum to cook dinner. I used to always boast about how I would own a big farm one day so that I could not only have seafood to bring back to my parents’ dinner table, but plenty of meat and vegetables

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