What Is The Theme Of The Crusader Rabbit

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“Crusader Rabbit”

Many people do not realize the importance of their parents. Your parents have taken care of you since you were born. They provide you with comfort and fulfill your needs. Many people take this for granted and does not realize how much they actually need and rely on their parents. The short story “Crusader Rabbit” written by Jess Mowry in 1991 tells the story of an orphan drowned in addiction. The orphan is saved by a man from his addiction and develops a special bond with this stranger, who fulfills his needs, and fills the gap of his parents. The bond between the two; Raglan and Jeremy is unlike a normal bond between a parent and their child. But regardless of it being unusual it still helps the child to get back on track and live his life with a caring parent.

Jeremy is one of the main characters in the short story. He is a thirteen-year-old boy. He is described by Raglan as a beautiful kid with small muscles, big hands, feet like puppy paws and with bright obsidian eyes (p. 1 ll. 13-14). Jeremy lived on the streets before being taken care of by Raglan. He was found by Raglan when he was in a bad condition. This can be seen in …show more content…

His real name is not Raglan but his father called him Raglan after the tiger in the cartoon: “Crusader Rabbit”. His age is not directly mentioned in the short story, but we get know that he is an adult. He is described as larger version of Jeremy: “Ragland could have been a larger copy of the boy, twice his age but looking it only in size […]” (p.1 l.18). Raglan is a very caring and supportive man in the short story. He helps Jeremy to fight his addiction. Raglan is also the one who took care of Jeremy when he was living alone in the streets. He takes care of him even though he does not have much himself. He is described as a poor man, living in a van. He drives around and makes a living by collecting cans and then sells them to provide food for him and

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