What Is The Theme Of The Third Wish

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‘The Third Wish’ is a fantasy short story written by Joan Aiken which talks about an unsuccessful marriage. While, ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, a mystery short story written by W. W. Jacobs, warns the character the consequences of wishing, that led to losing a loved-one. Both incorporate common features like the use of three wishes as the motif, and the sense of atmosphere created with foreshadowing and metaphors. The next few paragraphs will be talking about the characterization that shapes the main plot, the meaning behind the symbolic items and the inspirational theme that created the mood.

The main theme from the two stories are different. ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, deals with the disruption of a talisman in a form of a monkey’s paw to the harmonious …show more content…

Peters and Mr. White, were the origin of their own mischief, but later became the ‘hero’. Mr. White, who was considered very loving and playful because, “father and son was at chess”. Even though the, “wish for two hundred pounds” was only to preserve his family by paying off the debt of the house, it made him greedy since the money was not the result of his work. He was also gullible, as he was convinced by the words of Herbert, “we’re going to be rich, and famous, and happy”. However, in ‘The Third Wish’, Mr. Peters, was a nice and loyal man who saved, “a swan that had become entangled in the thorns...”. “I wish I had a wife as beautiful as the forest” was the metaphor used for wishing and foreshadows the appearance of his wife of being a swan from the forrest. The fact that he wished for a ‘beautiful’ wife, instead of a loving one explains why his shallowness made Leita leave him. Similar to Mr. White, Mr. Peters sacrificed his happiness by altering it for his wife, but he did not deserve Leita’s love in the first place because he wished not worked for it. Eventually, Mr. Peters and Mr. White managed to let go of their loved ones, for the sake of the lesson they learned to “Wish for something …show more content…

In ‘the monkey’s paw’, a monkey’s paw became a symbol of desire and greed, until Mr. White came to the realization of the appalling truth that, “fate ruled people’s lives…” Furthermore, this talisman is also associated with the historical context of India; it interfered and rebelled on the fate and belief of the British as a sign of revenge of the British’s rule over India in the Victorian age. Nevertheless, the evil power of the monkey’s paw itself symbolize the unpleasant history of the paws it belongs to. In addition, ‘The Third Wish’, “a withered leaf and a white feather” were the last objects Mr. Peters held onto in his death. The feather epitomizes his faith of ‘love’ to Leita, and, “that even if your wishes are granted they don’t always better you”. The white feather symbolizes his memory with Leita and because Mr. Peters was always thankful for what he could afford, the leaf of wishes became a memorable lesson of his life. As a similarity of both these objects, the main characters came to the realization as the consequences from their wishes uncover and to solve them, they

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