What Is The Typical Petulant Aristocrats Of The 1930's

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The appropriately named Last family, epitomises the typical petulant aristocrats of the 1930’s. Their marriage is successful because of ‘’ Benda’s pretty ways and Tony’s good sense ‘’ ( p. ). Waugh adapts a simple story of the 1930’s society and centre’s it around Tony and Brenda Last. Patriarch Tony Last is enamoured with his feudal estate Hetton, ‘’ there is not a glazed brick or encaustic tile that is not dear to Tony's heart ‘’ (p . Hetton has been in Tony’s family and it seen as a continuation a tradition which he hopes his son will inherit after Tony dies. ‘’ We've always lived here and I hope John will be able to keep it on after me. One has a duty towards one's employees, and towards the place too. It's a

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