What Is The Use Of Weapons In Beowulf

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Over time Beowulf becomes of age and his kingdom encounters the dragon from the cave,

and it begins to obliterate his people. Beowulf, who is around 70 years old, decides to fight the

dragon with a metal shield that was developed in his armory. During the Anglo-Saxon period, the majority of soldiers had wooden shields because they did not have the money to purchase such

strong material.

Armor played a significant role throughout the Anglo-Saxon period. Beowulf’s chainmail

armor saves him numerous times including the fight with Grendel’s mother in the deadly mere.

Also, Beowulf tells the story of he and his friend Breca that have a swimming race with there

chainmail on. Obviously it’s impossible to do something like that because of the massive weight of …show more content…

The advancement of weapons in Beowulf greatly impacts how the story progresses. For

example, Beowulf is able to encounter a Giant’s sword and slay Grendel’s mother to stay alive.

Secondly, as time passes and the Geat warrior becomes of age, his kingdom is able to develop a

metal shield to protect himself from the flames of the fiery dragon. Also, Beowulf’s

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