What Is a Mobile Optimised Website? Essay

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With ever rising smartphone and mobile device usage making your website mobile friendly needs to be a critical part of your Veterinary website strategy.
YouGovs statistics show that 14 million people in the UK access the internet every day with their Smartphone, with 29% of those using their smartphone to search locally every week, according to think insights. 70% of these mobile searches will result in an action being taken within one hour the Mobile Marketing Associations research shows.
These numbers are only set to increase as smart devices and mobile internet connections decrease in cost. Therefore your Veterinary practice needs a mobile optimised website to keep up with the competition and maximise the opportunities of converting …show more content…

Here are some essential mobile optimised website features:
- Click-to-call: Normally a button that when pressed will load the Veterinary practice phone number into the visitors phone so that they can call you instantly.
- One page for contact details that include your address and social media links
- A link to the full website
- Practice summary: A brief summary of your unique selling points
- Navigation: The ability to find get a map to the veterinary practice
- Click-to-email: Allows visitor to press a button that will instantly allow them to compose an email to you.
- Other key information: Prices, geographical coverage, opening hours, registration, appointment booking.
The typical Veterinary mobile optimised site will contain the home page that contains the Practice summary, this will give the visitor a good idea of what you offer. Navigation buttons will then be provided to take customers to other pages with key information like the location, price list and registration pages. Every page will contain the click-to-call, email and map buttons as well as social media links and a link to the full website. This would provide the Veterinary practices potential customer with the information they require quickly and give them every opportunity to contact the practice.
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