Google 's Display Advertising Division

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Executive Summary
This report provides a Strategic Brief focusing on Yahoo! 's display advertising division. The report also shows positive sign for future growth of Yahoo, though it has given rise to a lot of internal rivalry between the industry 's big players to mention few are such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook, as all of them offer products perceived by the consumers as homogeneous. Price competition has augmented, and has effectively lowered the Yahoo’s margins. Furthermore, the threat of low cost alternatives such as classified advertisement sites and social media sites have increased, even though few of them have the range of products as Yahoo!, they however retain a high number of users, social media in particular. Hence this …show more content…

With the steady decrease in the click-through rates over the last few years, many businesses have started to totally realize the lack of effectiveness of banner advertising for increasing sales. Increased visibility might still a benefit of the various banner ads, but small to medium-sized business that are looking for the best results will be less attracted to invest in such channels that don’t offer a calculable return on investment. (Stevens, 2014)
Native ads are constantly increasing in popularity. The ability of these ads to be integrated into another website or platform takes away the normal perceptions of advertisement. People’s attitudes towards advertising and their belief in advertising are also dwindling. The use of native advertising is helpful in reducing this attitude of people towards advertising. Examples of native advertising are sponsored ads on Facebook, sponsored ads on blogs, integrated ads, twitter, etc. (Stevens, 2014)
3) Mobile Optimization
Mobile advertising is increasingly becoming the next big thing in internet advertising. This is due to the increasing number of people spending more and more time on the internet by the use of their phones. Hence the necessity to optimize for phones is inevitable. Optimizing for mobile has been of significant importance for businesses in 2014, but 2015 is to be the year that mobile strategies are to move beyond just having a responsive site or mobile app, and will be

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