What Is the Relationship Between Culture and Government?

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What is the relationship between culture and government? It has been established by Foucault, Bennett and others how certain kinds of people need to tell the truth and regulate themselves in order to be better subjects within society. We can observe these factors in the many works of Michel Foucault, from Discipline and Punish to Sexuality. Foucault focuses upon that of human behaviour, orchestration of conduct and how techniques are programmed throughout society in everyday life. Looking at discursive formations – ways of talking about, describing and making knowledge claims about the object world and human subjects - Foucault suggests that, if knowledge was placed upon subjects, it would be productive as they would follow, allowing…show more content…
While it can be said that some of Foucault’s ideas regarding population, reason, the state, human sciences and drawing upon the many aspects of modern economy,politically, socially, and culturally - are challenging is it true that self-governing is controlling? It can be said that Foucault and others like him have found from Stuart Hall and others when in 1964 they developed the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham University when the times of politics, power, culture and knowledge were in the foreground of academic trends. Foucault wanted academics to think about government and their practices not as a ‘capitalist ruling state’, but to focus on how some form of power and government will always be necessary to control society. It can be argued that Foucault was challenging society, power, knowledge and everything it stood for in this broader sense. Many of Foucault’s ideas were an interdisciplinary form of criticism with reasons to show how, by looking at events with a different kind of knowledge, power is not just a repressive tool of power but a tool of conspiracy - one institution, one individual against another. In turn Foucault (like Bennett) suggests that power is a whole complex of forces which produce what
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