What Makes A Good Education?

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word American Dream?. American dream can be achieve if you work hard and don’t give up when things gets in your way. Many people come to America to achieve their American dream. People want to achieve their American dream because they want to live a good life for them and their family’s. You hear many people say come to America and your dreams will come true and you believe it. Did that person also tell you that achieving the dream is difficult and that there will be many obstacles in your way?. In order to succeed and achieve your American dream, you need a good education. Now you 're probably thinking, that’s it, that’s the only thing standing in my way, oh I’ll just go get that education then. …show more content…

Another important dream for middle middle class family’s is to own a house. People in that class want to stop paying rent every month, paying bills every two weeks and living check by check. Every parents want their children to be better them and to be successful. Parents middle middle class push their children to be successful so that they won’t live the same lifestyle as them. Middle Middle class can afford health care and they can afford owning a car. Many middle middle class parents can’t afford a vacation because they are saving every single penny that they have to send their children off to college.
Lower class is a difficult lifestyle to live in. There are many obstacles in your way. Lower class parents don’t hold a good degree because some probably didn’t go to college because they couldn’t afford it. Education is expensive. Lower class families American dream is to send their children to college. The parents didn’t have money to go to college, they work hard and even get loans to send their children to college. Lower class families want their children to be success in this world. Lower class families probably work at Fast food, Restaurants and Retail places. Lower class are not earning a lot of money and because of that they are living check by check. Lower class families are working hard to move up in their class, but it is difficult to move higher in class

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