What Makes A Good?

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+The one thing in the world that is considered good without conditions is good will itself. This is due to the fact that many qualities are considered good and yet those same traits can turn bad and harmful. For example, intelligence can be seen as a positive trait with good intentions, however if you use that intelligence for the wrong reasons, examples being the plethora of dictators in history including Stalin, Hitler etc, then that “good” quality becomes a quality with bad intentions. Good will is intrinsically good even if the results brought about are not as intended because “good will is good for how it wills.” (Kant, Page 5) There are two purposes therefore to be considered one being the unconditional purpose of producing a good will and the conditional purpose of being happy. “Of these requires the cultivation of reason, which at least in this life in many ways limits and can indeed almost eliminate the goal of happiness.” (Kant, Page 7) Kant, unlike Aristotle, believes that moral behavior does not mean the guarantee of obtaining happiness rather that good will is essential to earning happiness. Kant continues his writing by stating that good will is present in the concept of duty and it is his goal to show the difference between doing something for duty and doing it for other reasons. Kant believes the fact that those who successfully exercise their will in overcoming a temptation are morally more praiseworthy than those who are not tempted at all because they do

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