What Makes A Successful Business?

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To manage a successful business, one must understand the importance of bringing diversity into the workforce. To be able to obtain knowledge and strength from others individual traits shows deep facets in character. These traits show when working with individuals of many cultures and backgrounds in the workplace. A leader who has this ability can handle everyone uniquely and ethically and is in tune with what differentiates one associate from the next. Once one has a grasp on who they are then can one expect to lead a diverse team. Many diversities include different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Businesses are better able to create solutions needed to succeed in an competitive economy. As more women, racial and ethnic minorities,…show more content…
When an organization invests in diversity, It results in the creation of many forms of talent. The employees exchange and learn each others skills. Such talent provides the organization help to progress in a competitive environment. It is natural that people with many experiences and perspectives in life would be able to generate unique ideas and solutions to problems. These take place by people having different perceptions come to people who think similarly and belong to similar cultures. Creativity increases when people who think differently ways of solving difficult problems work together towards a common solution. Other cultures can offer what Americans can not. Productivity increases when people of all cultures work together towards a goal. Executives that are foreign are very successful in the American corporate world because of globalization. People from China may benefit U.S. firms with their stellar quantitative skills and European citizens like Germans, French, and Britons do well in high level jobs. Language skills are obviously needed in today’s economy, and diverse workers often have this skill. If a company needs specific knowledge or language skills, they may hire foreign nationals for help. International job seekers have the advantage in some markets. For example, companies breaking into European markets will need foreign expertise. High tech firms are
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