Process Essay: What Makes A Criminal?

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What makes a criminal? Can anyone become a criminal? What makes people do certain things and behave a certain way? There are many contributing factors that leads to criminal behavior such as the economy, social environment, family, mental disorders etc. A criminal is someone who has committed a crime or broken the law. Anyone and everyone can become a criminal. Deviant behavior is seen everywhere in the world today. There are many types of crimes, from speeding, to stealing, on up to being a serial killer. How is a criminal created? Where and how does this criminal behavior begin? This quote shows how we all are innocent until something triggers them to do an act of deviance: “Humans-are-fond-of-structures. But sometimes, those structures become shackles, and we get trapped in them.”(Poposki). Society today plays a big part in how people become criminals. Being rejected as an individual by others as he or she is growing up makes one feel down, and to feel like he or she belongs somewhere they look for company in other groups that are anti-social. These groups reinforces bad behavior and reject the ways of normal people. As they get more comfortable with their delinquent peers, people tend to drop out of school. An education is a good requirement to be successful in society today, although one can still succeed without one. Millions of students drop out every year, and those from low income families cannot afford to go to college. By the time they drop out, they are already

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