What Marriages And Families Written By Kunz Provides Great Examples Of Stressors

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Families have been an essential necessity in society for a very long time. In a perfect world, families are composed by a strong providing father, a loving and caring mother, and their obedient children. However, this is not always the case. As time, has progressed, family structures and characteristics have certainly changed. Change comes with time as well as with various situations that families might face. Not all families react the same way to all scenarios. In fact, most families are put to test with situations which causes stress in the family. Stress is a common, yet harmful thing to deal with at home and/ or at work.
Stressors are obstacles that people go through that causes stress within. Stressors can affect families in many …show more content…

In the textbook Kunz says, that woman’s economic status declines whereas men go through a smaller reduction in economic status if any. The reasons for this difference are unequal wages, gender division of labor, and low level child support. In today’s world, we see that typically, unless proven unfit to take care of the child, the mother usually wins custody all the time. Woman’s economic income is less than a men and therefore she has to work harder to provide and maintain stability for her child. This can be a hard task when you are seen the weaker sex.
As children of divorced parents, coping can be very difficult This is why personal adjustment can be a hard task. According to Kunz, there were recaches that have shown that children from divorced families have a higher tendency to have more psychological problems than whole family children. An example of this could be when thinking that the child was not enough for both parents creating psychological problems within. On the other hand, it is also important to know that those situation can also force and make children to mature fast than anyone else would. Adjusting can be harder for children who do not see their noncustodial parent with the same frequency as children who regularly see the other parent.
These are all strains that cause stress in a family and make it harder to juggle, daily

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