What Rank Are You Applying For Helper !

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What rank are you applying for?: I am applying for helper! What is your age?: I am currently 11. What is your IGN?: My current IGN is JustMav, if you would like to know my previous IGN 's you can check https://namemc.com/profile/JustMav/6c346f3e. Are you a boy or a girl?: I am a boy. What country do you live in?: I currently live in Sweden, I moved here 1 year ago. I am originally from Canada. Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: Yes I have a YouTube channel, the link ----->> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxJUQvte9iuBLInDlKl1ddg Do you have a microphone/headset?: Yes I have a working headset/microphone. Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I feel with this rank I can help out the server, by banning hackers (If I get promoted) or recording them. I think the benefits of me becoming a staff member on OpCraft would be, active staff all the time, since I live in Sweden when I go on no staff members are online, it would mean staff would be online 24/7 on OpCraft. I want this rank because I want to help out people because I love to help out, I also think that I would be a good attachment to the OpCraft staff team because I have previous experiences and I am very hard working. I also believe that with this rank people will respect me more, and know I am here to help the server in a lot of different ways even just answering simple questions that people ask me. I want this rank because I have been here for about 7 months and I feel that it 's time
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